Thursday, 18 August 2011


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So 10 facts about us(me and my boyfriend)

1. He called me baby...I called him bei...hehe

2. Know each other in 2007 coz I texted a wrong number...being friends for 3 months and then declared a its been 4 years and 2 months together hehe

3. Both of us are a mix of Kadazan...I'm Brunei-Kadazan and him Sino-Kadazan

4. He's the type which are so calm and patient...while me the type of short-tempered and impatient, easily panic

5. We texted all day everyday except if he's working or if I got a class...or we in a place with no mobile connection...

6. He born on Valentines day while I born on Teacher's day haha!

7. Our first movie is LOVE IS CINTA an Indonesian movie where Acha Septriasa and Irwansyah in it...

8. He's a Buddha while I am a muslim~ but we respect each others^_^ and he do love Islam

9. When I'm at Labuan for matriculation in 2009/2010, he always tried to make a chance to go and meet me there :)

10. He is 27 years old and me 20 years old..haha~~


  1. wah.. so sweet oh kamurang.. jahat oh ko panggil dia bei.. :-p.. Hehehe..

  2. alu la befday kamu ni..senang ingt..dua2 pun international punya special date.. tp lucu jg cara kmu bkenalan kan.. tu la kalu suda namanya jodoh kan.. ^^

  3. wah, sama age oo sy pun 27 , n im oso 20...hehe :)

  4. Aki: jahat lae tu ahahaha

    Wency: haha iya ne bah...^_^

    SIRONAIDURA: iya?? waseh haha

  5. Lucu owh cana you both berkenalan.. Mmg destiny sudah org bilang ;D aduii... ada knun pgl beii.. wakaka xD sya lg truk kdg2 will call my bf 'assh*le' jg, tapi he doesn't mind at all jnji sya sj yg pgl ;p

  6. Mitchell: haha ya ne~ aduina haha assh*le lae tu haha...

  7. wakakaka xD klu org len dgr mst cop sya lucaaahhh trus.. wakaka xD tp dia enda kisah tu.. sb dia tau tu code pgln manja tu xP

  8. Mitchell: haha cool couple ne bah